Nepali Calendar 2070 Bikram Sambat (BS)

Some of the famous festivals of Nepal are: Dashain, Teej, Tihar or Dipawali, Fagu Purnima, Basanta Panchami, Rishi Panchami, Buddha Jayanti, Gaijatra, Dar Khane Din, Janai Purnima, Rakshya Bandha, Mata Tirtha Chaturdashi, Shri Krishna Janmastami, Ghatasthapana, Fulpati, Gokarna Aunshi (Bauko Mukh Herne Din), Ama Ko Mukh Herne Din,Indra Jatra, Shri Panchami, Ram Nawami, Chaite Dashain, Maha Shiva Ratri, Ghode Jatra. These festivals are scattered over various months of the calendar. is owned and maintained by Sanjaal Corps, Nepal. The company offers Webhosting and Domain Registration Services, IT Solutions and Business Analysis. website features H1B Visa Information, Entertainment Portal, Link Directory Service, Free Articles, Free Open Source Tutorials on Java and J2EE Platform, Digital Photography, High Resolution Picture Gallery and Free Reliable Image Hosting Services. Future plan includes Open Source Software Development Portal, Technical Solutions and Customizable Movie and Music Arena. We would be introducing data backup, data recovery, data hosting and voip solutions. Stay free from phishing - our website does not ask for your credit card and banking information. Happy Surfing!