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Our easy service is extened

In this disucssion, we talk about the features of our college software to manage the students.

Our easy service is extened

Postby bimal » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:16 am

College application is a very huge software that has passed its maturity and implementation level. A trained IT staff of your college can now handle inquiries and selection examinations. We have tested it over 500 students, and the results came out successful.

We have added a module where you can define the ratio of marks to consider from preschool scores and your entrance exam results. Based on these ratio, you can compare who is the most talented students among your candidates. This also helps in defining the scholarships or level of freeship schemes.

You can controll the number of students in priority list, first waiting list and second waiting list.

In every steps of the registration process, you can find out the total bills amount, maximum/minum/average scores achieved by your students.
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