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Step out of the freezer, Comrades!

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Step out of the freezer, Comrades!

Postby rabin1202006 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:08 am

A popular observation goes that the South Asian immigrants who got settled in Europe and America in olden times somehow remain ever-frozen in memory, thinking of the men and women back in their countries to be still having the same lifestyles as they used to when these immigrants left them. Far from their country of origin, to most of these immigrants, popular movies and television soaps remain the only window to see their native societies. And we all know, both these art forms are so far from the reality of our daily lives.I was not surprised, therefore, when a friend of mine from school, who had settled in the US after graduating as a medical doctor a long time ago, broke into a Bollywood song with his newlywed wife at a reception he threw for hundreds of his relatives and friends, by appearing on the stage in a Kathmandu hotel with fully functioning fog machines and disco lights. Quality apart – the sight was straight out of a movie set. Had I got a chance to meet my friend in person after that event, I would have asked him to step out of the freezer and face it: We are much different than our movies show us to be. Much different also than when he left us.
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