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The Software Testing Tools: A Description

Software Engineering Articles, Practices, Methodologies, Tools etc.

The Software Testing Tools: A Description

Postby sweetangel » Fri May 29, 2009 11:38 pm

The Software Testing Tools: A Description
by: Hemal Shrimanker

The offshore software testing process basically involves a series of steps and follow-ups related to the tests. It is entirely the testing team’s strategy of testing of applications. There are many approaches to software testing, but effective testing of complex products is essentially a process of investigation, not merely a matter of creating and following routine procedure. Following are some of the tools found in the market which are useful in different stages of the offshore software testing process:

Anteater: Anteater is a software testing framework which provides an easy way for the software testing process including writing of tests required for checking the functionalities of web applications.

Apodora: This is a framework and tool which is used for functional testing automation of web applications. Apodora provides programmatic control of the web browser allowing direct interaction with its own user interface. It consists of a database backend which helps the user to remember how HTML elements can be found.

Autonet: Autonet is a GUI (graphical user interface) network test platform which is based on CLI. The tool is helpful in arrangement of test cases, configure commands to devices. Autonet can also run commands to check the test results and record them simultaneously.

Avignon: This tool is helpful in acceptance testing wherein executable tests can be written in a user-defined language. XML is used to define the language syntax and leaves the semantics of the tests with the user if he or she wishes to extend the language. Avignon also includes modules which are useful for testing HTML applications.

Blerby Test Runner: Blerby Test Runner is an Ajax test runner for PHP language. This tool supports SimpleTest and PHPUnit 3.x. Blerby allows software developers to reengineer the code while also issuing notification about changes. The tool is also useful for tracking test dependencies

Canoo WebTest: Canoo WebTest is widely used for outsourced functional testing process of web pages. It is actually an open source framework used for testing and is built on top of HttpUnit.

Crosscheck: Crosscheck is an open source testing framework used for the verification of the in-browser JavaScript. The tool ensures that the code can be run in different web browsers or not without any installation of the browsers. Only JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is needed for the purpose.

Dogtail: Dogtail is a GUI tool used for offshore software testing services and an automation framework coded in Python language. Dogtail uses different technologies for accessibility and to communicate with desktop applications. The scripts are written in Python language and executed likewise.

Offshore software testing services are reasonable enough. Most of the offshore software testing providers use some of the above tools in different stages of the software testing cycle. Even the quality assurance services provided in India are cost-effective and right on the money.

About The Author
Hemal Shrimanker - Business Development Executive at Indusa Technical Corp.

Indusa Technical Corp. is an SEI - CMM Level 4, ISO - 9001:2000; ISO - 27001 Certified, 150+ people Custom Software/Web Development and IT Consulting Company. We have been providing services since 1989.

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